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August 2, 2017
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August 17, 2017

We all know that Pakistanis bond by three simple things:
1) Food
2) Cricket
3) and Chai

These three bonding elements can and are often used as temporary solutions for an angry Pakistani; present a pissed off dad a cup of nice karak Chai and watch him shrink into a bubble of satisfaction and pure bliss – it’s our daily nasha.

However, there exists a 4th element.

All year round, we insult our country and fire curses at the people of our nation, and are out-right mad at the way this country is, but, as soon as we enter the month of August with Yaom-e-Azaadi’s date so near and hear for the first time those 90’s classics sang for Pakistan, we are reminded of the struggles of our great Green and White and all the reasons why at the end of the day we will no matter what love this country.

14th August is our 4th element, completing the square and completing us. 14th August, the day people of our nations leap¬†forward to join this new and free land and to witness the dream of Allama Iqbal, with little to no chances of surviving but only a heart full of hope and swelling with a pride which we can only try to explain. The same pride which’s hint we feel when walking through Imtiaz Supermarket and suddenly the speakers blast with a Vitals song, and then looking around, everyone from a surprisingly old age to the youth is singing along quietly and smiling to themselves after some stolen glances of others singing as well – others who are just like them, others who themselves have grown up with their grandparent’s horrifying stories of how they ran for Pakistan, others who might as well been one of the few we cursed when driving on the jam packed road but to now who we look at adoration. And suddenly, we aren’t insulting this land anymore, suddenly, we are one and equal.

On this day we didn’t just finally had hold of Quaid’s Pakistan – we finally had hold of each other, we finally had a grasp of the rope of brotherhood, we painted our faces with green and white and sang the songs of our country knowing we are safe and knowing we had each other. This day isn’t just about Yaom-e-Azaadi, it’s about so much more.

We Pakistanis are complexly simple beings, when we love, we love too much, when we give, we give too much, when we feel, we feel too much and when we hate, we hate too much. We are Pakistanis of the East, and we are damn well proud of it.

Iss Parcham Kay Saaye Taley,

Hum Ek Hain Hum Ek Hain.

Muzna Waseem
Muzna Waseem
18 year old from Karachi with an immense love for journals, and spreading love and positivity.

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