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July 5, 2017
Feel like Sea
July 30, 2017

Life. What is life? We may think of it as a bed of roses but the bitter truth is, it is not. Life is the name of compromises, sacrifices, love, hatred and we still keep going after this and keeping in mind that one day it will end. When we see a beautiful place or when we eat something extremely delicious we say ‘oh wallah heaven’ but that’s not what heaven is. There is a massive difference between life and heaven. Life is full of problems and headaches and everything here is going to end. Whatever it is job, career, huge palaces, money, cars, expensive clothes. We work day in and day out to achieve our goal. To become a millionaire and successful. We will cross any line in order to achieve our goal. Maybe we’ll kill someone or filch just to complete our own desires. We live in a world who just thinks of themselves. We are surrounded by mean and selfish people. But why are we doing all this? It is not like we’ll be taking this to heaven. Then why? Why so much greed, proud and ego for meaningless things. Heaven is a place where no one needs to work hard to get something. Stepping into heaven is getting access to get everything. Then why aren’t we doing anything to get into that beautiful place? We work hard to get into a particular school. We’ll sacrifice sleep. Then why not do the same for something that will be forever? Heaven is beautiful and life is horrible. Don’t mix them up.

Kulsoom Awan
Kulsoom Awan
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