My pain medicine doesn’t work anymore
May 26, 2017
From Garbage Bag to New York City
June 14, 2017

Sometimes my existence feels as that of a prisoner in the world.
Like breathing is some kind of rule for living,
Living on days one by another,
that another followed by one other,
We are bound to act with every action further
In what kind of cell I am being locked in?
Where I can’t roam with my will.

That makes living a burden to me,
Why am I chose to live some story which is predestined,
Where I have no right to do anything,
It’s cage I’m living in through the bars I can see everything
But nay.. can’t break the cage
Girl, it’s not your age,
First become something then escape,
a lie I tell myself everyday
When I know this whole world is a cell and a universe a trap
And the society is that cruel cage …with the handcuffs I wore … labeled with gender and name
Pretending these luxury people crave for I have… no, I don’t want that … I just want to climb the peaks … shout and scream ….break through the wind … fly to the places I’ve never been …. to stop and stay at places so strange … where people are not familiar with my name …
To be at the shore before the sun rises … to feel that fresh air making me strong inside
To stand on the tip toe in the shallow water
To lay down on the cold ice under the magic sky …
Enchanted by the spell … the sky awakens ….. lights so bright .. that the world could fade …
Rapture of roaming in the path less ways. .. to hear the ocean sing …. roaring in his own way ….to climb the trees and look at the world … I know it’s the same …. but things looked in a different way …

I know I’m not that strong…. and it’s not about being strong … it’s all about feeling …. just to feel strong… that’s all you need …being strong is not a matter of choice but a matter of belief.


  1. Ali Abbas says:

    Just amazingly written. Beautiful.

  2. Maham says:


  3. fariya shafiq says:

    Masterpiece! <3 Words from heart!

  4. kinza riaz khan says:


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