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May 22, 2017
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May 24, 2017

A saying originated in 1949 at Edwards Air Force Base; “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. It later became a law named after their Captain, E.A. Murphy.

Much like this, I believed in a law of my own;
Anything which has gone wrong can’t ever be fixed like it hadn’t gone wrong in the first place.

I felt this applied to almost everything: a broken vase, a wrong stroke of the paint brush, a major fight with your parents and broken friendships.

I believed in my law and believed that the outcome after fixing a wrong is never as good as it would’ve been.

I was wrong.

I recently read about the Japanese art of fixing things with gold; the idea is to signify how mistakes are important to shape you.

Then I recently experienced first hand how a friendship which has been through all the happiness and all the worst kind of sadness is much purer than a friendship with no ups and downs; it signifies that the person is here and is here to stay.

To my best friend and to all those friendships lost and patched up with forgotten pieces of skin once more:

I can write stories here of our journey, I can string up all the beauty there is in the English language to express my love, I can treat you with many KFC’s and pizzas, I can write you poetry and compose you songs with no promises of singing it with my not-so-beautiful vocal chords.

I can do so much and I can do that all at once.
But you don’t need my words or my poems; you need me.

You need me to be there, to trust in you, to confide in you. And I’m here.

I’m here now, repaired with gold and polish, I’m here now to listen and to offer you hugs.
I’m here now, to love you and to never stop.

To my best friend and to every broken and once again patched up friendship: we made it.

Muzna Waseem
Muzna Waseem
18 year old from Karachi with an immense love for journals, and spreading love and positivity.


  1. Tayyaba Khalil says:

    My dearest girl, Wow, what can I say ! You have left me speechless. What a beautiful concept, and how you have applied it on relationships. Muzna , your depth is unfathomable, your philosophy of life sensible tinged with romance. A very delicate balance. This piece I loved more than what you wrote before. The reason being it has optimism and hope. To repair with gold, means that there is always that nebula light which is enough to soak you in its glow and turn you into gold. Love you loads.

    • Ariba says:

      Couldn’t agree more with what ma’am said. This is beautiful,truly. I’m so proud of you Muzna!! 💞💞

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