On observing my cuffs and your blind-folds.
May 20, 2017
My Enemy
May 22, 2017

I’m tired. I’m just so damn tired. So exhausted of never being enough for some people, and being too much for people. Everyone gets tired, because they can’t handle the reality of this ugly sadness of mine, and it kills me because it makes me realize no one will ever want to hear about all the things that go on around in my head.
I’m tired of helping others to hold their world together with skin and bones, whilst mine is falling apart. Though, I’d still want to listen to them because that way they’ll know someone cares, but, when it’s the other way around they don’t even care to listen – they’d leave you on read or not even look at your texts for days, replying with a simple “sorry.”
Eventually, people get tired, and it sucks. It god damn sucks.
-Thoughts I have at 2 am when the world is dark and my mind is getting darker.

Yusra Bilwani
Yusra Bilwani
Average teenage girl, obsessed with stationery, photography, words and world peace


  1. Tayyaba khalil says:

    My baby muzna it is so deep,profund and real. It makes me want to hug you tight,you need to loosen up,dont take things so seriously at this age. You have a philosophers mind, and sensitive soul. Life is tough and you need to keep your sense of humour and laughter alive. Love you always. Proud of you

  2. aruba rizvi says:

    this is fricking amazing yusra, so proud of you♡

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