When I am amiable to the World
May 18, 2017
Dark night, Dark mind and Darker soul
May 21, 2017

Dear Parents, there are days when I feel too weak to stand, too weak to smile, and too weak to breathe.

Dear Parents, there are days when I’m desperately craving for your hug or any form of display of affection.

Dear Parents, there are days when my self-esteem is so down low and I feel like you can be the only one to lift it up.

Dear Parents, there are times when the world seems too unfair, too selfish, too much of an enemy that I deal with the realization of just how big the world is, and just how small I am, and just how alone I am.

Dear Parents, sometimes it gets a bit too much,
and your comfort and support are all I seek.

Dear Parents, I know I’m not a good kid or the kind you wanted and deserved – for that I’m sorry.

But Parents, among the many other things which are your duty to give,
your love is the ground, your hugs are the pillars, your support is the roof.

Dear Parents,
I crack my bones and use plaster to hide the seams,
Because for the life of me, I couldn’t scream,
And for the life of me, I couldn’t scream.

Muzna Waseem
Muzna Waseem
18 year old from Karachi with an immense love for journals, and spreading love and positivity.


  1. Tayyaba khalil says:

    Dear being your second mother, iam always here ,will always here. Hugs and kisses for you.

  2. Ariba says:

    Muznaaaaaaa!!!! This is so good!!! I’m so proud. Woah ❤️❤️

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