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May 4, 2017
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May 18, 2017

This anchor person just revealed how is Samosa’s being cooked and sold on the streets of Karachi.
The anchor name Abdullah Jamal with his crew of Khufia operation a program being aired on Samaa television network went to the streets of Karachi for conducting a survey on Samosa. The team found an average Rate of Samosa PKR 12 which is not a viable option for any small shopkeeper. He and his team took the responsibility and managed to find out the bitter truth. The Cat has rightly smelled the rat. Yes, upon surveying Saddar market and visiting different vendors he realized that the meat sold in the name of “chicken meat” is a chicken waste and also contained butt meat.
Abdullah Jamal and his team set up a fake stall in the main street of Karachi and as expected the people craving for Samosa came to buy Samosa, by displaying the waste he used in the preparation of Samosa he made people realize of what is being cooked behind the curtains.

Samaa tv
The Khufia operation team also set up an awareness campaign and also cooked fresh samosa’s and distributed among the people.

Samaa Live
Hats off to the team and a media house behind the campaign. People of Pakistan needs more campaign awareness campaigns like this.

to watch full episode click the link below;

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