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January 27, 2017
Disputed territory

I have heard that the life in the damnation would be extremely intense, agonizing and torment. One discipline will be trailed by another. There will be watchmen viewing and watching the damnation so that no body from the hell fire has help and escape. The shouts of the reviled will fall upon the hard of hearing ears and no one will be prepared to listen and offer assistance. When I make a simple between Kashmir and the hell fire, I feel no distinction between the two, rather I see Kashmir the most exceedingly terrible since it is reasonable and the damnation is theoretical.
It is over a month now that Kashmir is blazing and life is at stop. As indicated by neighborhood media reports more than eight thousand non military personnel got harmed, close around seventy passed on and hundreds lost visual perception in the continuous distress. Whatever is left of the populace is on fire (in Kashmir/hell fire) and their shouts go unheard. There are no hints of government and peace particularly in the country regions of Kashmir Valley. Vital section and leave focuses and the vast majority of the boulevards in provincial territories are completely in the control of unruled nonconformists. “Separatists” who concoct strike projects and dissent date-books even move on the tunes of dissidents.
one of my colleague told me, It is very painful but worth to mention that last Friday when I offered congregational prays I rushed home hurriedly to escape from any possible trouble but was traumatized to hear my three years old son asking her mother that he will go for stone pelting. The case may not appear serious and worth to be mentioned to many but being a student of sociology and misfortune of being brought up in a conflict zone I think, it is really exemplary, serious and alarming. I sense how cruel and merciless I was to my parents. By virtue of fatherhood, I am able to understand how grave wounds I have inflicted to my parents when I was young and death was dancing in every nook and corner of Kashmir. I understand why they (parents) were not only surrendering before my every adamant but bearing every absurd act of mine. Perhaps, they did so to see me alive and not to provide any “reason” for me to join militants. Now I understand despite they desired me to prosper in my studies why they turned mute spectators when I burnt my books. I am sure besides their love and care, the peaceful childhood they had had determinant for their endurance and handling my nonsense and absurdity.
I cry! Can I too do the same? I am certain I cannot! Though I too love my son more than anything but I can’t prove myself to be like my parents as the childhood we had was different. I have been brought up in the environment which knew no tolerance, respect for teachers, neighbors and relations even for parents. More than two decades long conflict has negative impact on my attitude and mentality. I must acknowledge I am weak. I am intolerant. I never introspect and always try to identify the faults of others. I am and psychologically too weak, turns intolerant and violent over nothing.
I cry! The people of Kashmir cry! We cry for the future of our children. We cry in pain and agony but our suffering and misery goes unnoticed rather people pretend to deaf and blind. Our screams annoy our own brothers and sisters and we are looked down as damned and evil mongers.
One thing is crystal water they’re in need & we’re just here to read, our government is quiet bout it ? so do out people. it has been a history of whatever be the kind of people you are, you’ll have the same kind of monarch ruling you ! But we’ve one supremacy left who’s watching & sighting the cry of Kashmir.
What is going on in Kashmir and reaction to it from whatever remains of nation is not quite the same as the story. Every one of the Kashmiris resemble the angler who ate the dead cadaver of his mom to survive and the kindred nationals resemble the neighbors who hypnotized the occasion and “thought” he delighted in broiled fish.

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